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April 11, 2024

Unexpected indoor waterfall? Home or renters insurance might help.


A pipe bursts—or a toilet overflows or a washer hose breaks.

Good news: Your home or renters insurance policy covers sudden and accidental water damage. Your personal belongings are covered too.

Also, if mold develops on a damaged item, it would be covered.

Still, policies usually won’t cover damage from gradual leaks or seepage—and that includes damage from mold.

Mold from a flood wouldn’t be covered because home policies don’t cover floods. You would need a separate flood policy.

If you have a sudden leak, shut your water off at the main. Move expensive items off the floor. Your insurer may deny your claim if you don’t protect your property.

One more tip: You can always check what’s covered by reading your policy or calling your agent.

Listen to this Texas Insurance Podcast to hear expert advice on insurance and water damage.

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