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Texas Department of Insurance
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Life insurance

Life insurance

Life insurance guide

Help InsureLife insurance provides money to your family after you die to help them pay for burial costs, living expenses, bills, and education. Some types of policies also can provide benefits while you are still alive through cash values and accelerated benefits.

To learn more about life insurance, go to our Life insurance guide. Some topics include:

  • Types of life insurance and comparisons.
  • Individual vs. group policies.
  • Shopping smart for life insurance.

Life insurance policy locator

To find a missing life insurance policy or annuity contract, use the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Life Insurance Policy Locator Service.

TDI has no way of knowing if a person had life insurance. Here are some tips to help in your search:

  • Look at bank statements and check registers for payments to life insurance companies.
  • Look for insurance agents in your relative's address book or personal phone directory.
  • Contact the employee benefits offices at your relative's former employers. Sometimes people buy group life insurance at work.
  • Search the Texas Unclaimed Property website for unclaimed benefits turned over to the state after three years.

Life insurance tips

Do you need life insurance?

Think about your age, your financial situation, and if you have people who depend on your income. If you decide to shop for life insurance, there are some things to consider.

Life insurance: What to consider if you need life insurance (video)

You may want to consider life insurance if others depend on your income.

Can I sell my life insurance policy?

A life insurance policy, whether it’s a term life or whole life policy, is your personal property. You can sell it just as you would anything else you own, but there are some things to consider.

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Annuities guide

An annuity is a financial tool for saving money that might increase in value over time. Annuities can be used to build savings for retirement or to provide an income stream. They also can be used to provide income for your heirs after you die.

To learn more about annuities, go to our Annuities guide. Some topics include:

  • Types of annuities.
  • Phases of an annuity.
  • Shopping smart for annuities.

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