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Texas Department of Insurance
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InsurED webinars

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TDI’s InsurED webinars are opportunities for TDI staff to share information and tips with those in the insurance industry.

2024 webinars

May 9: How the State Fire Marshal’s Office helps Texans

Get an overview of the State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO). Learn about SFMO’s licensing, inspection, and investigation processes. We’ll also talk about outreach, policy, and research initiatives.

April 24: Hearings for network adequacy waiver requests

Get an overview of the network adequacy waiver hearings process. Learn how to participate in the hearings, submit evidence, and review network data.

February 29: Life and health filings made easy

Get an overview of the Life & Health Division's form filing process. Learn tips to make sure your filings are complete, accurate, and compliant with state rules and regulations. We also share tips about how to use SERFF successfully.

2023 webinars

December 7: Legislative update

Get an overview of key insurance legislation from the 88th legislative session and the status of TDI rulemaking.

October 5: Title insurance: Agent oversight responsibilities

Get an overview of the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requirements for title insurance underwriters to oversee title agents and direct operations. There is no continuing education credit for this webinar.

August 17: Resolving disputes in the Workers' Compensation system

Get an overview of the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) dispute resolution system. Learn about benefit review conferences, contested case hearings, and appeals panel reviews.

March 23: Public Protection Classification (PPC) Oversight

Get an overview of the PPC Oversight Program in the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Learn about the Insurance Services Office and the fire suppression rating schedule survey.

February 9: Resolving consumer insurance complaints

Get an overview of current and historical consumer complaint data. Learn about trends and how to resolve a complaint efficiently.

January 25: Workers’ compensation 101

Get an overview of the workers’ compensation system. Learn about the rights and responsibilities of injured employees and employers, benefits covered, and the dispute resolution process.


2022 webinars

October 11: Texas Fire Incident Reporting System (TEXFIRS): What you need to know about fire incident reporting in Texas

Get an overview of the fire incident reporting process. Learn how TEXFIRS makes use of the National Fire Incident Reporting System (eNFIRS) to report incidents and generate statistics and reports from Texas fire department data.

September 29: Preauthorization exemption process

Get an overview of Texas House Bill 3459 and TDI’s rules outlining Texas’ first-of-its-kind prior authorization gold-carding measure. This permits some physicians to provide medical services without requesting prior authorization from the health plan. We discuss processes for granting, denying, and rescinding preauthorization exemptions.

August 16: Independent dispute resolution: Program update and reminders for facilitators

Get updates to the independent dispute resolution process. Learn what TDI expects of mediators and arbitrators to ensure that everyone is complying with the law and has a smooth experience with the process. At the end of the webinar, we answer attendees’ questions.

June 15: Q&A Session: Surprise medical bills and the independent dispute resolution (IDR) process

We received a tremendous response to our May 12 webinar. We are hosting this dedicated Q&A session to answer more of your questions.

June 9: Property and casualty filings and update

Learn about common issues related to filings, review recent legislation and TDI rules, and preview our upcoming projects.

May 26: Mental health parity: History and overview

Learn about the history of state and federal mental health parity laws. We’ll also explain the fundamental parity requirements for quantitative and nonquantitative treatment limitations. We’ll also discuss parity rules that TDI adopted in 2021.

May 12: Surprise medical bills: Senate Bill 1264 and the independent dispute resolution (IDR) process

Get an overview of Senate Bill 1264, which bans surprise medical bills. Learn about resolving out-of-network health claims through the mediation and arbitration independent dispute resolution (IDR) processes. We’ll also share our program’s successes.

April 28: Affordable Care Act (ACA) rate review

Get an overview of the realigned ACA rating areas, TDI’s expanded role in reviewing major medical filings, and the implementation of the silver loading requirements through the cost-sharing reduction.

April 14: Life and health form filings: Checklists, tips, and new rules

Learn the benefits of using checklists and get filing tips to avoid rejections. Also learn about the new filing rules under consideration.

Last updated: 5/16/2024