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Texas Department of Insurance
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April 4, 2024

Do you need flood insurance as a renter?



If you rent your home or apartment, you may have bought renters insurance to protect your belongings from theft, fire, or damage from a burst pipe.

But there’s more to consider. Renters policies typically don’t pay for losses due to floods. But a flood insurance policy could.

If a flood causes damage or loss, your flood policy covers personal belongings such as clothing, furniture, electronics, kitchenware, and curtains.

A flood policy doesn’t cover cash, precious metals, stock certificates, and other valuable papers. A policy also doesn’t cover cars, trucks, or personal property kept in a basement.

Shop before storm season. It typically takes 30 days for a flood policy to take effect.

Ask your insurance agent if they sell flood insurance. If not, you can buy a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program. You can also call them at 877-336-2627.

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