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Texas Department of Insurance
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April 2023

Plan for changing insurance needs through life


Your first car could be just a dented memory — or you’ve found your dream house and expect to expand your family.

Life is change — which is also true of your insurance needs.

Some milestone insurance tips:

  • Expecting a baby? If your health plan uses a network, make sure your doctor and hospital are in that network, which could save you money. Also, ask how much you’ll have to pay in other charges. See if your plan covers a breast pump, breastfeeding support, or post-partum counseling. And remember to add your new baby to your coverage. (And, by the way, congratulations!)
  • Growing family? As your family grows, consider buying life insurance. It could give you peace of mind about future costs such as housing, childcare, education, and any medical needs if you aren’t around. If you and your spouse both contribute to the family’s finances, you’ll both need coverage.
  • Off to college When heading to college, your premium could change if you’re driving your car far from home; check with your agent. For health coverage, you can stay on your parent’s plan until age 26. If you rent an apartment or house off campus, consider renter’s insurance; it will cover your stuff in the event of loss.
  • Deploying for Uncle Sam Talk to your agent about your auto insurance if nobody will be driving your car while you’re serving or you’re leaving it in someone else's care. Save stress by setting up automatic premium payments on other insurance. Need more life insurance? Active-duty military personnel, including reservists and National Guard members called to active duty, are automatically insured for $400,000. To consider more coverage, get price quotes from several companies. The Department of Veterans Affairs has a life insurance needs calculation tool and information on plans.

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