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Texas Department of Insurance
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September 2023

Hail damage? Tips to file an insurance claim


man holding handful of hail stones

Did hail or strong winds damage your home or car?

If you have wind and hail coverage on your home policy or comprehensive coverage on your auto policy, your insurance company should pay for your hail damage.

File a claim as soon as you can.

Some claim tips:

  • Take photos and video of the damage. Also, make a list of the damage inside and outside your house or car. Don't throw away damaged items until your insurance company gives permission.
  • Prevent more damage. Remove standing water. Cover broken windows and holes to keep out rain. Save all receipts. Your policy may pay for temporary repairs.
  • Be available for the adjuster visit. Make sure they see everything.
  • Keep a list of everyone you talk to at your insurance company. Be ready to answer questions about the damage.
  • Ask about living expenses. If you can’t stay in your house, most policies will cover some related costs. Keep your receipts.

Have a question about insurance? Call the Texas Department of Insurance at 800-252-3439 or visit