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Texas Department of Insurance
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Moving to Texas? What to know about insurance.


Before you buy your boxes and pack up, take some time to get your insurance in order and learn how it might work differently here. It will be one thing you can check off your to-do list.

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  1. Auto insurance

    Tell your insurance company or agent that you’re moving to Texas. You’ll need a new policy with different coverages. For example, Texas requires drivers to have a minimum amount of liability coverage. (Liability coverage pays to repair the other driver’s car if you caused the accident.)

    Review what coverages you may need and ask what discounts the company offers that might lower your rate. Your rates will most likely change with a Texas policy.

  2. Home or renters insurance

    You’ll need a new policy when you move to Texas. You can call the company you’re using now or shop around for a new policy. We have resources to help you.

    Wherever you move, you might need flood insurance. This policy is separate from your home or renters policy. If you’ll be living on the Gulf Coast, you probably need a separate windstorm policy to pay for damage from hurricanes. Learn more about the three.

  3. Health insurance

    If you’re changing jobs, ask if your new employer will offer you and your family health care coverage. The company might pay some or all of the premium cost. Learn the questions to ask your new employer.

    If your employer doesn’t offer a health plan or you don’t want it, there are other ways to get a health plan.

    If you’re keeping your health plan, let the company know you’re moving. If your health plan requires you to use a primary care doctor, they will ask you to pick a new one here.

    Also, go online to find the closest urgent care and hospital in your network so you’re ready in an emergency.



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Last updated: 5/15/2024