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Home insurance: What structures are covered?


Did you know your home insurance covers more than just your house? It also pays to replace or repair other structures on your property.

An open double-door modern shed in a backyard, with storage shelves visible inside. A bicycle is parked in front of the shed on artificial green turf, surrounded by wooden fencing and greenery.
  1. What other structures are covered?

    Most policies define “other structures” as structures not attached to your house.


    • Detached garage.
    • Storage shed.
    • Pool or guest house.
    • Outdoor kitchen.
    • Barns or chicken coop.

    If you use a structure on your property to run a business, ask your insurance company if you need a separate policy or extra coverage.

  2. Are fences covered?

    If your fence was damaged by wind and you have wind coverage, your policy will probably pay for the damage. Policies usually pay actual cash value for fences. That means your company will deduct depreciation based on your home’s age and condition.

    Most policies don’t pay for fence damage caused by ice or snow unless your house collapses on the fence.

  3. How much coverage do I have for other structures?

    Most home policies include coverage for other structures at 10% of your house’s insured value. For example, if you have $300,000 of coverage on your house, you have $30,000 in coverage for other structures. You’ll also have to pay your deductible.

  4. What types of damage does it pay for?

    Your home policy pays for the same types of damage to structures as it does for your house. Some examples are fire, hail, theft, or sudden and accidental water damage.

    If you live anywhere in Texas – except along the coast – you probably have wind and hail coverage in your home policy. If you live on the coast, you can get coverage from the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

    Most home policies don’t cover damage caused by floods. Talk to your home insurance agent about getting a flood policy from your insurance company or the  National Flood Insurance Program.



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Last updated: 5/6/2024