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Texas Department of Insurance
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Do you have enough home insurance?


Could you rebuild if a tornado or fire destroys your home? Some experts say half of all homes may not have enough insurance. Here are tips to make sure you have the right amount of coverage.

  1. Find out what it would cost to rebuild your home.

    This is not the same as the real estate price, or market value. The rebuilding cost is based on what kind of home you have and local construction costs. The rebuilding cost is sometimes called replacement cost. Your insurance agent can help find out your rebuilding cost.

  2. Your insurance coverage should match the rebuilding cost.

    You can find your policy limits on the front page of the policy or ask your agent. If the amount is lower than the estimate to rebuild, you may need to make changes.

  3. Check your insurance coverage regularly.

    Check your coverage when you renew your policy each year. You should also talk to your insurance agent if you remodel or make upgrades. A new deck, garage, or kitchen can increase the cost to rebuild.



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Last updated: 1/26/2024