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Texas Department of Insurance
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Auto insurance

Insurance for a car. It helps pay for damage caused in a wreck. Auto insurance also pays to repair cars damaged by storms and pays to replace cars that are stolen.


A notice to an insurance company that your property has been damaged or lost. When you file a claim, the insurance company will investigate your loss and determine how much money it owes you under your policy.


A disagreement or dispute. Many complaints are misunderstandings and can be resolved by talking to the company. The Texas Department of Insurance can also help people resolve their complaints about insurance.

Comprehensive auto insurance

Pays for damages to your own car and for your medical bills if you cause a wreck. It also pays if your car is damaged in a storm or is stolen.


What an insurance policy will pay for and how much.


A lower or reduced price. Most insurance companies offer discounts that can help people save money on insurance. For instance, some insurance companies offer a discount on auto insurance to young drivers if they have good grades in school.

Health insurance

People buy health insurance to help them pay for medical expenses like going to the doctor, prescription drugs, or surgery.

Homeowner's insurance

People have homeowner's insurance so they will have the money to fix or replace their home and its contents.


Helps you protect the things people own by paying to fix or replace them if they get broken or something happens to them.

Liability auto insurance

This type of coverage pays to repair or replace the other person's car when someone causes an accident. It also pays the other person's medical bills. Texas requires drivers in Texas to have at least liability insurance.


A written promise between an insurance company and a person. The insurance company agrees to pay people when things break or when people are hurt or sick. The person agrees to pay a premium to the insurance company.


Money people pay to insurance companies for an insurance policy.


Things you own.

Renter's insurance

A type of insurance that protects against damage and losses that occur in an apartment or a rented home.

Real estate

Land or buildings.