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Texas Department of Insurance
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JUA Resources - Facts Physicians Should Know About the JUA

What JUA Stands For

JOINT UNDERWRITING ASSOCIATION. Although most commonly referred to in this manner, the official name of the JUA is the Texas Medical Liability Insurance Underwriting Association.

How to Get Coverage

Health care provider may apply for coverage through the JUA if two insurers in the admitted voluntary market reject an application for coverage. A health care provider, directly or through a Texas licensed agent, may apply to the JUA. Applications may be obtained from the JUA.

Coverage Available Through the JUA

Medical (Professional) Liability Insurance is available on either a primary or excess basis subject to a maximum limit established by statute. Insurance Code § 2203.152. The maximum limit currently available is $1,000,000 each occurrence, $3,000,000 aggregate. The minimum limit available is $100,000 each occurrence, $300,000 aggregate. 28 TAC 5.2004(4)(A). All policies are written on an annual basis and defense costs are in addition to (outside) the policy limits.

Excess: The JUA may write excess insurance only over a primary policy written by a JUA member.

The JUA may provide prior acts coverage for claims-made policy forms. Contact the JUA for details.

JUA Contact Information

You may contact the JUA at:

1812 Centre Creek Dr., Suite 305, Austin, TX 78754

JUA main page

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 7/5/2023