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Texas Department of Insurance
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March 2023

5 tips to shop and save money on car insurance


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To get the best deal on insurance, you’re going to have to shop from time to time.

Some cost-saving tips:

  • Review your coverages. A change in how you use your car may affect your coverage and save you money. Think about the cost of keeping collision coverage on an older vehicle. Learn if working from home makes a difference in types of coverage you should have.
  • Get auto coverage quotes from several companies and vendors. Some insurance is sold through company agents, some by independent agents and brokers. And you can buy directly online or by phone.
  • Adjust your deductible. You can cut your premium by agreeing to a higher deductible. The deductible is what you’ll pay after a covered loss, before your insurance coverage kicks in. Carefully consider what you can afford.
  • Ask about discounts. Companies might offer discounts, including if your teen driver has good grades.
  • Check on bundling options. Total insurance costs can go down if you buy home, auto, or other coverages from one insurance company.
  • Use to compare rates and coverages for companies that sell the most auto policies in Texas.

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