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Lower your home insurance cost by asking for discounts


Getting discounts is a great way to save on your home insurance.

Ask your company if you’re getting all the discounts you qualify for. These are some of the most common discounts:

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  1. Safe home discount

    Thieves are less likely to target houses with security alarms. If you install a monitored security alarm or a smart home system, tell your insurance company and ask about a discount.

  2. Smoke alarm or sprinkler discount

    Smoke alarms and sprinkler systems prevent and reduce fire damage. An alarm can help you and your family escape in a hurry.

  3. New home discount

    Homes with new wiring and hardware are usually cheaper to rebuild than older homes. If your home was built or renovated in the last five years, your insurance company might reduce your rate. Don’t forget to tell your company if you make major renovations.

  4. Roof discount

    Companies often offer discounts for roofs made of materials that help prevent roof damage or materials that are fire resistant. Homes with newer roofs may get a roof age discount.

  5. Claim-free discount

    You might get a discount if you’ve had few or no claims within the last five years. Your company sees your home as less of a risk – which it likes and rewards.

  6. Multi-policy discount

    You could get a discount for having two or more policies (like home and car) with the same company. This is also called a bundling discount. You also get the benefit of working with one insurance company instead of multiple.

  7. Final tips

    Companies might also offer discounts if you’ve been with them for a while, have smart devices in your home, or if you’re in the military or certain other groups.

    If you’re not happy with the price of your insurance, shop for a better rate. It’s a good idea to shop at least every three years. You often get the best rates when you’re willing to switch companies. Start by getting sample rates at



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Last updated: 1/26/2024