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Texas Department of Insurance
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Was your home insurance canceled or not renewed?


Insurance companies decide to cancel or not renew home insurance policies for various reasons. If this happens, start shopping for a new policy.

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  1. What do "nonrenewal” and “cancellation” mean?

    Nonrenewal means your company is not continuing (renewing) your policy after your policy’s end date. You can find the policy end date on the renewal notice or ask your company.

    Your company must tell you in writing why it isn’t renewing your policy. It must give you 60 days’ notice of a nonrenewal if you bought or renewed your policy in 2024. If you bought or renewed your policy in 2023 or earlier, it must give you 30 days’ notice.

    Cancellation means your company will stop your policy before its end date. A company must give you 10 days’ notice before it cancels your policy. You also have the right to cancel your policy early.

    You may file a complaint with TDI if you think a company nonrenewed or canceled your policy unfairly.

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  2. Why would a company not renew my policy?

    A company might not renew your policy if:

    • Your house is in worse condition than when you bought the policy. A company might say you have six months to make repairs or it won’t renew your policy.
    • You file three or more nonweather-related claims in three years. Nonweather events can include fires, rodent damage, or broken pipes.
    • Your house is vacant for 60 days or more.
  3. Why would a company cancel my policy?

    A company might cancel your policy if:

    • You stop paying premiums.
    • You file a fraudulent claim.
    • You change something about your home that makes it a bigger risk.
  4. What should I do if my policy is nonrenewed or canceled?

    Start shopping around. Have a new policy in place before your current policy expires. Get sample rates on our site. Also, ask friends or family about their insurance providers.

    If at least two companies refuse to insure your home, you may buy a policy through the state’s homeowner insurance provider of last resort, the Texas FAIR Plan Association.



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Last updated: 1/26/2024