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Texas Department of Insurance
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Careers in insurance: How to become an insurance agent or adjuster


Considering a career in insurance? You’ll need to get an agent or adjuster license. Here are some tips for getting a license and starting a career.
Insurance agent reviewing a form with a middle-aged couple. The agent looks like he enjoys his job in insurance.
  1. Get your license

    Most people get a license that gives them several career options. Here are the three most common in Texas:

  2. Take the right test

    You need to pass an exam to get most licenses. Here are the exam codes for the most common licenses:

    Some companies will pay for your exam if you agree to work for them. In some cases, you can take a company exam instead of the state exam.

  3. Study before the test

    The tests aren’t easy. For the three most common licenses, passing rates in February 2021 were 60% for life, accident, and health, 53% for property and casualty, and 47% for adjuster-all lines.

    You're a lot more likely to pass if you take a preparation course. You can find several prep courses with a quick online search or visit PearsonVue, the state's exam vendor, for suggestions.

  4. After the test

    Get a background check, apply for your license, pay your fee.

    • Schedule an appointment with IdentoGO to get electronic fingerprint images. Use service code 11G6QF. Send a digital copy to TDI and the Texas Department of Public Safety.
    • You have a year to apply for a license and pay the application fee.
    • There’s no fee for new applications if you are a military service member, veteran, or family member with a license in another state.
  5. Other license options

    You might be able to get a temporary license if you haven’t passed the test yet.

    • You need a sponsor who already has an insurance license.
    • A temporary license is good for 90 days, and you can apply for a 90-day extension.
    • You can get a regular license if you pass the exam while you have a temporary license.
    • For more about temporary licenses, visit agent and adjuster licensing.


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Last updated: 7/20/2023