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May 9, 2024

When should you start preparing for hurricane season?


With the start of hurricane season around the corner on June 1, now is the time to review your insurance and prepare your house and your family for hurricanes.

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When is the peak of hurricane season?

Texas typically gets its biggest hurricanes in August and September, with August being the peak month. Hurricanes have also formed as early as May.

When should I start worrying about a storm turning into a hurricane?

Pay attention to the weather during hurricane season. Some hurricanes develop farther out and give us more time to prepare. But others – like Hurricane Humberto in 2007 – can develop and make landfall in as little as 24 hours.

What can I do now to prepare for hurricane season?

You can start building your storm kit. Gather enough water, nonperishable food, medicine, batteries, pet food, and other supplies to ride out a storm. If you think you’ll evacuate, look at evacuation routes and which roads you’ll take to get to safety.

Why do I need a storm kit?

As a storm approaches, people rush to the store for supplies. If you’ve bought yours ahead of time, you don’t have to be in the scramble. Once a storm hits, you’ll have what you need to either evacuate or be home for a few days.

Also prepare a kit for your car. Think about what you’d take with you if you’re on the road for a couple of days.

What can I do to prepare my house for a hurricane?

In the days and hours before a hurricane, get your house ready by:

  • Boarding up windows. Taping isn’t good enough.
  • Securing loose outdoor items, like patio furniture.
  • Trimming trees.
  • Putting important documents in a sealed container and storing them off the ground.

Should I review my insurance before a hurricane?

Yes, review your insurance to know your coverages, deductibles, and if you have coverage to live elsewhere if you can’t stay in your home during repairs. Also know if you have flood insurance. Most home policies don’t cover floods. Ask your company or agent if you’d like to get flood insurance

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