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April 6, 2023

How to prepare for spring storms


Spring is typically the most dangerous time of the year when it comes to weather and thunderstorms.

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What kind of storms happen in spring?

Thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes are common in the spring. But so is rain and flooding. During the wettest month in Texas history in 2015, a flood caused massive damage throughout Wimberley in Central Texas on Memorial Day.

Are hailstorms becoming more common?

Weather experts are getting more reports of hailstorms, but it’s hard to tell if that’s because they’re more common or just more reported. Experts expect more extreme events.

What does that mean for home damage?

Experts also expect more home damage from hailstorms. Texas cities are getting bigger and denser, which means there’s potential for widespread home damage from hailstorms.

How can I protect my home from hail?

Keep your trees trimmed and remove dead trees to prevent loose limbs from damaging your home. Trim tree limbs that are hanging over your house.

How can I prepare for spring storms?

  • Have multiple ways to learn about a storm, like a weather radio, text messaging from your city or county, and a weather app on your phone.
  • Prepare a kit with three days of food, water, medicine, pet food, and batteries.
  • Put together a family communications plan that includes a meeting place if you can’t call your family.