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Texas Department of Insurance
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Order CO-03-0128 FAQ for Residential Rates Report to Legislature

Q. Can the requested information be submitted via email to ensure that the deadlines are met?
A. Yes, the information can be submitted via email, fax or regular mail (Fed Ex, UPS, hand delivery, etc.). Also, if the company submits an email on the day of the deadline we expect that the paper copy will be sent via overnight mail the same day.

Q. With regard to item 9 of the Commissioner's Order, do we need to submit information on installment fees?
A. Yes, any fee that contributes to the premium collected should be included.

Q. With regard to item 13 of the Commissioner's Order, where is the best place to find the information requested?
A. Schedule D of the insurer's Annual Statement should provide the information requested.

Q. Does the information need to be submitted in electronic and paper formats?
A. Yes, the information should be submitted in paper format. Also the information should be submitted in electronic format if available. If the information is not available in electronic format, and the department receives a legislative request for the information in an electronic format, the department will ask the insurer to provide the information electronically so that it may be filed with the legislature electronically as required by the SB 310.

Q. What level of confidentiality can be expected?
A. SB 310, Sec. 5 states that anything that was confidential under law before the bill's effective date will remain confidential.

Q. What information should be provided on credit scoring?
A. Any information that is used for credit scoring, including computer models that are not protected by a third party contract, should be provided. Items 8 and 11 request specific information related to credit scoring.

Q. With regards to item 5 of the Commissioner's Order, is a narrative explaining the changes acceptable?
A. Yes, a narrative explaining policy form changes is acceptable.

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Last updated: 9/6/2014