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Texas Department of Insurance
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Company address change portal information

Companies (Insurers and other licensees) can update these address types:

Complaint Contact – Company contact that TDI communicates with for resolution of consumer complaints.

FINL-Exam Billing – Company contact that TDI will send Financial Examination invoices.

HC-Form B Contact – Company contact for information regarding Holding Company Form B filings.

Licensing – Company contact that TDI communicates with for agent/agency appointments.

Mailing – Company mailing address, contact person and email address. This address and phone number is made available to the public on Insurer lists, so calls may come from the general public. The contact’s name and email are not made public.

Portal PIN Contact – Person who serves as the regulatory liaison, compliance officer, or the person responsible for the financial, annual, or renewal filings. This person is designated by the company to maintain the PIN information and manage who it’s released to. By default, TDI will pre-fill this address with the mailing address provided during the application process.

TP-Mailing – Address used only by Insurer’s registered as a third party administrator (TPA) in Texas that wants to direct TPA related correspondence to a different address than the Insurer’s mailing address.

TP-Physical – Address used only by Insurer’s registered as a third party administrator (TPA) in Texas that maintains TPA books and records at a different physical address.

Note: The portal website currently blocks access from other countries except the US, Canada, or India as a security measure. Foreign companies will need to have a representative in the US make changes.

If a specific address type isn't showing up in the portal for you to edit, it's because it hasn't been created. Send us an email and let us know and we can set it up. Then you will have access to make any future updates in the portal. Changes will be reflected in the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) database immediately. By logging into this service, you are confirming that you are a company representative authorized to make changes. You need a unique PIN number to access the portal. If you do not have the PIN, click the “Need PIN?” link on the login screen and you will be referred to the portal PIN contact designated by the company. Still need help? Email CompanyLicense@tdi.texas

When entering addresses, use the USPS standardized format including the Zip+4. Not sure what that is? Enter the address at the USPS Zip code lookup website - ZIP Code™ Lookup | USPS and it will confirm the correct format and information.

Visit the Company Address Change Portal to make company address changes.

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 3/20/2024