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Texas Department of Insurance
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Commissioner’s Bulletin # B-0012-04

April 1, 2004



This bulletin announces the 2004 call for information. The reporting requirements are the same as those for the 2003 call. The acknowledgement of receipt form included with this letter should be faxed or postmarked no later than April 12, 2004.

Title Agent Call for Experience Pursuant to the authority of Article 9.07(b) of the Texas Insurance Code (TIC), the Texas Department of Insurance requests that all Texas title insurance agents submit information relating to title insurance experience.

Please submit your title insurance experience according to the instructions in the manual. No alterations of the exhibits will be permitted. Should it become necessary to explain any of the items reported, please do so in a separate written attachment.

The Title Agent Call System (TACS) and the manual remain the same as those for the 2003 call. You are encouraged to submit your experience electronically using the TACS. Use of this program significantly reduces errors. Agents who have used the system in prior years have provided very positive feedback about the quality of the program. As an added incentive, you have an extra 2 weeks to complete the call if you use the program. Copies of the TACS program and manual are being mailed to newly licensed title agents only. If you need a copy of the program and/or manual, please contact Michael Davis at 512-322-5029. The program, manual, and reporting forms are also available for download from the TDI Internet Web site located at Click on the Industry Area link located in the upper right of the screen, scroll down to Data Calls, click on Property & Casualty Data Calls, then scroll down and click on 2004 Texas Title Insurance Agents Statistical Report for Calendar Year 2003, and scroll to the bottom of the Commissioner's Bulletin to see the list of Enclosures.

Agency Type If your agency changed ownership during the past year, which resulted in a change in agency type, report the agency type that represents the longest time span during 2003. If the time spans were equal, use the agency type from the earlier period.

Agent/Underwriter Premium Split The agent/underwriter split of 85%:15% was in effect for the entirety of calendar year 2003.

Your submission must include:

" A diskette containing a file exported from the data entry program, a printed copy from the TACS and a signed, notarized affidavit; or

" Original completed copies of forms A-L and the signed, notarized affidavit.

Please send your submission to:

Texas Department of Insurance
Data Services MC 105-5D
ATTN: Michael Davis
P.O. Box 149104
Austin, TX 78714-9104

Texas Department of Insurance
Data Services MC 105-5D
ATTN: Michael Davis
333 Guadalupe Street
Austin, TX 78701

Hard copy statistical reports must be postmarked by May 17, 2004.

Agents submitting electronic (TACS) statistical reports must have their submissions postmarked by June 1, 2004 (please include a printed copy along with the diskette).

Failure to meet the applicable deadline and/or to provide complete and accurate data may result in the imposition of sanctions by the Department.

If you have questions regarding this call, please contact Michael Davis at 512-322-5029 (e-mail address:


Clare Pramuk
Director, Data Services

Title Call Manual

For more information, contact:

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