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Agent / Adjuster Continuing Education Forms

Agent / Adjuster Continuing Education Forms
TDI Form Number Description File FormatLanguage
Application for Provider Registration
Application to become a continuing education provider. Rev 02/2016 ( fka LHL212)
PDF English
Application for Course Certification
Application for certification of Prelicensing or Continuing Education course. (fka LHL213) Rev. 10/2017
PDF English
CE Exemption or Extension
Application for licensee CE Exemption or Extension. (fka LHL216) Rev. 2/2016
PDF English
Course Assignment Form
Allows an existing provider to assign the right to give its course to another existing provider. Both must have active provider registrations. fka LHL240
PDF English
CE Automatic Fines Transmittal
Continuing Education Fines (fka LHL257) Rev. 6/2015
PDF English
Provider Renewal and Information Change Form
Application for Provider Renewal or Change of Contact Information. (fka LHL367)
PDF English
Provider Audit Affidavit
Used only by continuing education providers (fka LHL386)
PDF English
Licensee Request for Qualifying Credit
TEXAS Qualifying Continuing Education Credit (fka LHL615)
PDF English
Request for Association Credit Accepted by TDI
Request for Association Credit (fka LHL617) Rev. 2/2015
PDF English
CE Example Course Evaluation
Sample Only
PDF English


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