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flood waters in a residential area
Why you need flood insurance

“Texas is the land of perennial drought, broken by intense floods.”

If you’re not sure about your flood risk, listen to what Texas meteorologists have to say. Then talk to your agent or visit our web resource page for more information.

Looking for a great place with good benefits?
Looking for a great place with good benefits?

Check out our jobs – jobs that make a difference by helping Texans. 

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How TDI helped cancer patient
How TDI helped cancer patient

When Camille got a surprise bill, she asked for help from the Texas Department of Insurance. Can we help you? 1-800-252-3439.

Learn about surprise billing

Questions about insurance?
Questions about insurance?

We're here to help. Our Consumer Protection Help Line staff answered 150,000 calls last year and helped recover millions of dollars in refunds and additional payments. 1-800-252-3439.

5 ways we can help you

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Help after Harvey

Visit our Help after Harvey page to learn how we can help you, tips for filing claims, what to do if your car is flooded, preventing contractor fraud, and more. We also have links to helpful disaster recovery resources and short videos.