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June 27, 2022

The safest fireworks are ones at a professional show


Independence Day celebrations give Texans a chance to enjoy a fireworks show put on by professionals.

“If you want to see great fireworks, save money, and stay safe, go to a professional show,” said State Fire Marshal Orlando Hernandez. “Our office has issued more than 250 permits for Fourth of July shows so there’s probably one nearby.”

Check your local news or social media for local Fourth of July fireworks shows.

Follow local laws

Most communities don’t allow residents to use fireworks within city limits. And even more prohibit the use of fireworks during burn bans.

Check with your local fire department to see what’s allowed.

Be safe!

“Do not let children handle fireworks,” Hernandez said. “There are no safe fireworks for children.”

That includes sparklers, which can burn at temperatures of nearly 2,000 degrees. That’s as hot as a blow torch! Sparklers can quickly cause third-degree burns.

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Last updated: 6/27/2022