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Texas Department of Insurance
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Licensing requirements for shipping containers used for retail firework stands

Notice date: August 2018

The State Fire Marshal's Office offers the following clarification and guidance on the use of steel shipping containers as permitted retail stands for the sale of consumer products to the public.

Statute and rules

  • As long as all applicable requirements of the statute and rules are met, the State Fire Marshal’s Office will allow steel shipping containers to be used as retail fireworks stands.
  • See Texas Occupations Code Chapter 2154 and the Fireworks Rules Texas Administrative Code 28TAC 800 for applicable statute and rules.
  • It is the responsibility of the permit holder as well as the supervisor to comply with or require compliance with the fireworks rules 28TAC 34.817(a).

Walk doors

Fireworks Rules, Section 34.818, require that retail fireworks stands:

  • Have walk door(s) that open outward.
  • Have one door if the stand is less than 16 feet in length.
  • Have two doors, one on each end, if the stand is 16 feet or longer.

There are additional requirements when the stand is open for business:

  • Doors must be free swinging (if not secured in open position).
    • Doors must not require more force to open than required by NFPA 101, 2015 Edition, Paragraph
  • Doors must be secured in the unlocked position in a manner so that the operator cannot be locked inside while the stand is

Doors not in compliance with the above requirements will be considered a violation requiring immediate corrective action for the stand to remain open.

This guidance is offered as clarification and as a reminder of the importance to remain in complete compliance with all provisions, rules, regulations and statutes enacted to regulate the sale, distribution, and use of certain fireworks in Texas.

For more information and sample checklists, visit the Fireworks Licensing page.

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Last updated: 10/5/2023