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Workers' Compensation Research and Evaluation Group - REG

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House Bill 28 (78th Legislature, third called session, 2003) created a new workers' compensation research function at the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) by transferring the research function of the former Research and Oversight Council on Workers' Compensation (ROC) to the agency. Per Chapter 405 of the Texas Labor Code, the Workers' Compensation Research and Evaluation Group (REG) is responsible for conducting professional studies and research on various system issues, including:

  • The delivery of benefits;
  • Litigation and controversy related to workers' compensation;
  • Insurance rates and rate-making procedures;
  • Rehabilitation and reemployment of injured employees;
  • The quality and cost of medical benefits;
  • Employer participation in the workers' compensation system;
  • Employment health and safety issues; and
  • Other matters relevant to the cost, quality, and operational effectiveness of the workers' compensation system.

House Bill 7 (79th Legislature, Regular Session, 2005) included a new Section 405.0026, Texas Labor Code, which requires the Commissioner of Insurance to adopt an annual research agenda for the Workers' Compensation Research and Evaluation Group (REG) at the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). Section 405.0026, Texas Labor Code, also requires TDI to post a proposed research agenda in the Texas Register for public review and comment and requires the Commissioner of Insurance to hold a public hearing on the research agenda if requested by a member of the public.

Latest News

REG Research Agenda

  • Annual Research Agenda is adopted for each fiscal year as specified in the Texas Labor Code Section 405.0026.

REG Reports and Studies

Injured Employee Surveys

Texas A&M University is  conducting two surveys of Texas injured employees on behalf of the Research and Evaluation Group (REG) at the Texas Department of Insurance and in support of the Biennial HB7 Report and the Annual Network Report Card. 

The first survey will measure the impact of HB7 on the Texas workers' compensation system, and the second is a major component of the Workers' Compensation Health Care Network Report Card (required under Insurance Code §§1305.502(a)-(d) and Labor Code §405.0025(b)). 

Injured employees will be receiving a letter to inform them of their selection and a follow-up phone call with the survey questions. 

The results of the survey will be reported in the Network Report Card, due on September  30, 2017. 

Approximately 4,000 injured employees will participate in the survey. The identity of all injured employees participating in the survey and their answers are confidential and exempt from disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act under Section 405.004, Labor Code. 

Essentially, the survey asks injured employees about their workers’ compensation health care network experience with: 

  • access to medical care;
  • satisfaction with medical care;
  • return to work;
  • health outcomes. 

The surveys will run from April to July, 2017. 

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Last updated: 05/23/2017

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