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DWC now offers two ways to submit claims documents electronically

As part of the agency’s paper reduction initiative, the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) is offering insurance carriers and injured employee representatives two services for submitting claim documents electronically.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

The SFTP service allows external participants a secure electronic location where they can save documents. DWC can then retrieve those documents and place them in our system. This service is for the exchange of certain files related to Benefit Review Conferences (BRC). Examples of these filings include BRC Exchange Packets, BRC Exchange Supplemental Packets and Scheduling Order Status Reports. This service is currently a one-way exchange and is only available for an external participant to drop these specific files for DWC processing.

Fax Back Receipt

The Fax Back Receipt service allows our external participants to fax any single document for a single claim or dispute to a designated fax number that will then return a page-for-page fax with a DWC date stamp. This can be used for all claim related filings requiring a DWC date stamp.

The benefits of these services include:

  • More secure – reduced risk of losing printed copies or receipts with sensitive information.
  • Save printing costs and paper – no need to print filings for submission.
  • Save delivery costs – electronic delivery means no trip to DWC or paying postage for mailing.
  • Instant delivery – get filings to DWC more quickly.
  • Expedited processing – DWC does not have to sort, distribute and scan documents prior to processing.
  • Reduced customer scanning –the Fax Back Receipt files can be saved and stored electronically (this requires the participant to have electronic fax receipt and electronic storage.)

If you would like to participate in either of these services or would like more information, please contact Theol Jackman at 512-804-4308.


Last updated: 8/13/2018