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Property and Casualty Publications and Brochures

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Publications and Brochures

This is one of several pages linking to a central repository of publications of interest to TDI customers. Use the Links to publications by Programs on the Publications Home Page or use the page links to scan through our PUBLICATIONS listings.

Property and Casualty - Workers' Compensation Coverage
Description TDI Number File Format File Size
Texas Basic Manual of Rules (Download, MS Word). wcmanual zip 564 kb
Alphabetic listing of workers' compensation classifications. (Download, MS Word). 99alpha zip 133 kb
Manual rules and rules index for Workers' Compensation (Download, MS Word). wcrules zip 175 kb
Workers' Compensation Insurance Online Brochure. consum38 html 21 kb
Workers´ Compensation Basics cb030 html 24 kb

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Last updated: 08/21/2015

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