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Certified & Registered URAs

The purpose of this webpage is to describe the difference between certified and registered URAs.

Certified URA

A Certified URA is a certified entity that conducts utilization review for a health benefit plan or health insurance policy; a payor; or an administrator holding a certificate of authority under TIC Chapter 4201.

What does this mean?

  • Application fee is required
  • Renewal of certification every two years and renewal fee must be submitted
  • Application must be submitted
  • Approval of application before utilization review performed

Registered URA

A Registered URA is a licensed insurance company or health maintenance organization that performs utilization review only for its own insureds or enrollees. Registered URAs are required to comply with TIC Chapter 4201 as a condition of licensure.

What does this mean?

  • No application fee
  • Renewal of registration every two years
  • Application and all applicable checklist(s) must be submitted as would an applicant for certification
  • Approval of application before utilization review performed

Search for certified and registered utilization agents on the TDI Certified/Registered Utilization Review Agents page.

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Last updated: 03/25/2015

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