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School Fire Exit Drill Information

Every Texas school administrator, including private and parochial, is encouraged to participate in fire prevention education by teaching fire safety skills to all students in Texas. In addition to this recommended training, campus administrators shall conduct regular fire drills, in compliance with the Fire Exit Drill requirements listed below. Documented participation in these activities may result in a reduction in community fire insurance rates, as per the Texas Addendum to the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule.

To participate, administrators shall:

  • Conduct, on each campus, at least one fire drill each month that has 10 or more school days.
  • Provide all students with developmentally appropriate instruction on fire prevention.
  • Complete the annual Fire Exit Drill Report form and keep it in your school or school district records for three years (See Texas Addendum to the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, Section TX-C, 2.b). You no longer send a copy to the State Fire Marshal's Office.

Fire Exit Drill Report Form

Previous School Year Forms




Fire Marshal's Alert: Mandatory School Fire Exit Drills Save Lives!

Fire Exit Drill Requirements

Texas Education Agency Government Code
61.1036 Section 3, F
(F) School district facilities shall comply with all other local, state, and federal requirements as applicable.
Statutory Authority: The provisions of this §61.1036 issued under the Texas Education Code, §46.008.
Source: The provisions of this §61.1036 adopted to be effective June 9, 2003, 28 TexReg 4420.

For communities that have adopted the International Fire Code, please refer to Chapter 4, Emergency Planning and Preparedness.

For communities that have adopted NFPA 101, Fire Safety Code, please refer to Chapter 15.7.2, Emergency Egress Drills; and Chapter 4.7.6, Fire Drills (2006, 2009, 2012 editions).

The National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code 101, 2012 edition, is the inspection standard of the State Fire Marshal's Office. Effective July 6, 2015, the Texas Department of Insurance adopted NFPA 1. NFPA 1 is also used by the State Fire Marshal's Office staff when conducting inspections within their authority.

Multihazard Emergency Operations Plan Requirements

Texas Education Agency Government Code
Title 2, Subtitle G, Chapter 37, Subchapter D, Section 37.108

Each school district or public junior college district shall adopt and implement a multihazard emergency operations plan for use in the district's facilities. Read or download the complete Section 37.108 text.

For further assistance or additional information, contact the Outreach, Policy and Research section at (512) 676-6800.

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Last updated: 10/12/2017