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Safety Education Information Links

Bike & Pedestrian Safety (include skates/skateboards/etc.)

  1. Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
  2. Bicycle, In-Line Skating & Skateboarding Safety
  3. Books: Bike Safety (Amazon)
  4. Books: Pedestrian Safety for Children (Amazon)
  5. Inline Skating Safety Tips
  6. Pedestrian Light Crossing Rules
  7. Pedestrian Safety (Safe Kids Worldwide)
  8. Pedestrian Safety for Kids
  9. Skating & Skateboarding Safety Tips Facts Sheet

Choking, Suffocation, and Strangulation Prevention

  1. Choking and Strangulation (Safe Kids Worldwide)
  2. Infant Choking: How to keep your baby safe (Mayo Clinic)

Falls Prevention

  1. Books: Playground Safety (Amazon)
  2. Fall Prevention (Safe Kids Worldwide)
  3. Guide to Playground Safety
  4. National Program for Playground Safety
  5. Playground Safety (CPSC)
  6. Playground Safety (Kids Health)
  7. Protect the Ones You Love: Child Injuries are Preventable (CDC)
  8. Teaching Children Playground Safety - Slyde the Playground Hound

Fire & Burn Prevention

  1. Books: Fire Safety (Amazon)
  2. Burn Awareness - Shriners Hospitals for Children
  3. Can You Stop Children From Playing With Fire Video
  4. Fire Safety (Safe Kids Worldwide)
  5. Grandparent & Caregiver Guide to Fire & Burn Safety (pdf)
  6. Classroom Fire Safety (Home Security System)
  7. The Kids Guide to Electrical Safety

Firearms Injury Prevention

  1. Books: Gun Safety (Amazon)
  2. Gun Safety (KidsHealth)
  3. Gun Safety for Kids & Youth (University of Michigan Health System)
  4. Prevention of Firearm-Related Injuries & Death: Resource Guide 2013 (Children's Safety Network)

Motor Vehicle Safety

  1. All-Terrain Vehicle Safety: Resource Guide
  2. Books: Bus Safety (Amazon)
  3. Child Passenger Safety Laws
  4. Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety (CDC)
  5. Kids and Cars
  6. Kids in Hot Cars: Safety Tips to Avoid Deadly Heatstroke
  7. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  8. Texas Highway Safety Laws
  9. Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe - A Traffic Safety Program (NHTSA)

Poisoning Prevention

  1. Poison Prevention.Org

Water Safety

  1. Aqua Smart - Texas Parks & Wildlife
  2. Books: Water Safety (Amazon)
  3. Focus on Water Safety: Resource Guide
  4. Nobody's Waterproof - Play it Safe


  1. Classroom Safety Crafts (for Teachers)
  2. Fire Safety Handbook
  3. Neighborhood Safety for Kids

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Last updated: 1/16/2018