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Texas Department of Insurance
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Fire Marshal’s Notice

June 2018

Leased Buildings on University Property


To all state universities:

Buildings on your property that are leased to a private entity should be inspected by your office and the SFMO. If the local municipality inspects the building, verify that the inspection is consistent with the university and SFMO inspection process, and complies with nationally-recognized inspection standards. Even if the building is inspected by a municipality, it may still be inspected during the SFMO’s annual campus inspection.

SFMO encourages lease agreements with businesses include the following language:

  • That the management/ownership acknowledges the SFMO as the AHJ for the business at the time the agreement is signed;
  • That the management/ownership agrees to abide by the adopted standards of the SFMO; and
  • That failure to comply will result in fines or termination of the lease without penalty to the university.

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 6/28/2018