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Texas Windstorm Insurance Association Expert Panel <br/>Notice of Public Meeting

Location: William P. Hobby, Jr. State Office Building 100
333 Guadalupe
Austin, Texas

Panel Members Bios

The TWIA expert panel will hold a public meeting to inform the public about the progress of the panel's work, to allow the public to observe the panel members discussing their work amongst themselves and to allow public comment.

The TWIA expert panel has been appointed under Insurance Code §2210.578 and 28 Texas Administrative Code §§5.4260-5.4268. The panel's purpose is to develop ways of determining whether a loss to TWIA-insured property was caused by wind, waves, tidal surges, or rising waters not caused by waves or surges. After the panel completes its work, the commissioner will consider the panel's findings and publish guidelines that TWIA must use to settle claims.

Please contact TDI's Public Information Office with any questions: MediaRelations@tdi.texas.gov

Open Meeting Agenda

TWIA Expert Panel Archived Webcast

For more information, contact:

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